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Who We Are

Shorebreak BVC was founded in 2015 down in the heart of beach volleyball, Southern California. In 2017 Shorebreak picked up and relocated to the Central Valley and have loved watching our athletes grow! We offer training opportunities for all experience levels ages 8-18, and have multiple programs year round.


At SBVC we want to make sure our athletes get the best training possible. The combined club, college, and professional experience from our coaches helps us to develop elite training methods, that give our athletes a huge competitive edge. Our coaches are USA Beach Volleyball certified and use the same curriculum and technique training that is used for all USAV Beach athletes, including Olympic teams like Misty May and Kerri Walsh. In addition to technique training, our players also receive weekly strength and conditioning workouts, instruction on advanced game strategy, and individualized help with college recruiting.  


Our mission is to develop the total athlete both physically and mentally, and to remind us of this, we have a motto: “Shorebreak BVC focuses on developing character, building athletes, and pursuing excellence.” Character comes first. In order to impact your community, teammates, and grow as a person, you have to develop your character. Next we want to build athletes. When an athlete is willing to put in the work, and trust their coaches, they will become great athletes. Lastly, we are pursuing excellence. This is in all areas of life including athletics, our relationships, and our academics. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, we invite you to learn more.


At Shorebreak we understand that everyone learns differently, and we strive to make sure our athletes have a strong understanding of coach instruction. We pride ourselves in fostering an environment where our athletes feel encouraged and cared for everyday, while also being pushed physically and placed into a competitive environment. We aim to give positive, goal-based, and technique focused feedback for every athlete each and every practice. SBVC believes when all of these pieces come together, our athletes have the best opportunity to reach their full potential.


Whether you are an indoor player looking to better your skills, a beach player looking to push yourself, or you are looking to learn the game, we have a spot for you. Training in the sand can and will increase your speed, agility, and vertical, while making you a more well rounded player and better teammate. Not to mention it’s just pure fun! If this sounds like the place for you, we invite you to join us. See you on the sand!

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