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Why Beach Volleyball?

Beach volleyball is one of the fastest growing youth sports in the country and almost every collegiate coach in the country would agree that beach volleyball is one of the best training methods known for improving indoor performance. With only 2 players on the court, you get 66% more touches than indoor and are required to perform all aspects of the game. 


Whether you are entering into High School, or attempting to be recruited for college, beach gives you the reps and training you need to succeed as a volleyball player. Shorebreak has a variety of summer programs to grow athletes and help them achieve their goals. We also have a ton of tournament opportunities all summer long, with coaches available to attend upon request! All practices start towards the end of May and go for 10 weeks!


White Sand

Skill Level: Fundamental - Novice

Practices: 20 (1.5 Hours Each)

Gear Package: Basic

Cost: $720 or $240/month


Blue Sand Coastal

Skill Level: Intermediate

Practices: 20 (2 Hours Each)

Gear Package: Deluxe

Cost: $1020 or $340/month


Blue Sand SoCal

Skill Level: Advanced

Practices: 30 (2 Hours Each)

Gear Package: Premium

Cost: $1395 or $465/month

*Initial payment is due after being accepted into a program, with the following payments being June 1st and July 1st.

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