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Year Round Beach

The Year Round Beach program is specifically designed for athletes looking to play beach volleyball at the collegiate level. We like to refer to it as a college prep program. Throughout the year athletes are able to experience the nature of a college program including

advanced practices, film review, recruiting workshops, and college showcases. All Year Round players also have exclusive access to our Total Athlete Program which includes nutrition and hydration education, strength and agility training, and injury prevention exercises. If you are interested in becoming a part of our year round program, please don't hesitate to reach out.

The Total Athlete Program

Shorebreak's Total Athlete program is an exclusive program for players to gain an advantage in their game through relentless training. Total Athlete gives players exclusive access to SBVC's strength and conditioning coaches, whose resumes boast the highest levels of experience at the NCAA Division 1 and Olympic levels. This program uses strategically planned and evidence-based training progressions, that include but are not be limited to:

  • Weekly in-person group coaching session

  • Strength Training

  • Injury Resilience

  • Movement Literacy and Bio-Mechanics

  • Speed, Agility and Quickness work

  • Prehab, Rehab and Recovery

  • Nutrition and Hydration

This is one of the first programs in the valley focused on strictly all things volleyball performance. It is also a great window into the inclusive college strength and agility experience.


One of the most formidable components to every high level athlete is how they plan. This type of planning will be lead by the Total Athlete high performance staff who will lead them through a lens of discipline, community, and accountability. Additionally through the use of our mobile app, the TAP coaches can engage in on going assessments, daily programming and monitoring, nutrition and hydration tracking, and two-way communication with the athlete.

"Up until now, middle and high school athletes have not had access to a collegiate level high performance training experience. Those who were able to continue to the college level experienced this training late in their careers. What we have done with the SBVC Total Athlete program is taken a training model found exclusively at the highest levels of NCAA colleges and beyond, and brought it to the junior level."

- Tyler Ortman

“Our goal with Shorebreak has always been to provide the highest quality coaching and training possible. With proper programming, we could allow our players to focus on becoming the best athletes and people they can be. Although we are able to shape a college minded culture, High Performance Training and Nutrition has been a missing piece of the puzzle. Now through the Total Athlete program we believe we have painted a complete picture.”

- Tori Ortman

Strength & Conditioning Coaches

Hillary Belmont, CSCS, USAW, FMS

Director of Total Athlete

Hillary Belmont is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, with over 10 years of Athletic Performance experience. She has her FMS Level 1 certification, which focuses on assessing proper biomechanics, range of motion and movement protocols. She is an expert in her field at evaluating movement and correcting improper technique that can lead to poor performance and injury. Hillary also has her weightlifting certification through USA Weightlifting. She has coached many athletes through proper technique and essential lifting form. These certifications, along with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Exercise Science has enabled her to excel at coaching athletes of all levels including Youth, High School, Collegiate, and Professional.


After receiving her Bachelors Degree, she started her career as a "Performance Coach" at Velocity Sports Performance in Anaheim, training athletes of all ages, across multiple sports. She oversaw athletes as young as 6 years old, up to professional athletes, teaching them proper running mechanics, plyometric exercises and olympic lifting programs. Her goal was to improve athletes’ vertical jump, 40 yd dash, agility shuttle and lifting PR's. Velocity was Hillary’s first experience in training Beach Volleyball players, specifically, as she assisted in training a handful of amateur beach volleyball.


After working at Velocity, Hillary migrated to Adrenaline Athletic Training in Riverside. While at AATR, she put together Training Curriculum for Speed, Agility and Strength & Conditioning programs. She was in charge of the development protocols of their entire speed, agility, strength and biomechanics progressions. She led countless group training sessions of all ages and skill levels, again ranging from Youth to Professional athletes.


Most recently Hillary served as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for California Baptist University. She oversaw the Men’s and Women’s Volleyball teams’ Strength programs and developed/implemented their year-round training plans. This included testing protocols and injury prevention strategies. While working with CBU’s Women’s Volleyball team, she had the privilege of coaching Madison and McKenna Witt, who were a beach volleyball duo that played on the p1440 circuit ran by 4x Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings. Hillary prepared The Witts bodies to withstand both hard court and beach volleyball and the transitions to and from each sport. Additionally, while at CBU Hillary introduced and implemented multiple testing and assessment tools to ensure her athletes moved safely and properly in order to maximize their full potential on and off the court.


Hillary knows exactly what it takes to become a Collegiate or professional athlete, and she wants to help you get there. She and her former strength and conditioning colleague Christopher Bates, have partnered up again to bring their expertise and experience to young, developing athletes who want to make it to the next level. Together in collaboration with SBVC, they created the Total Athlete program to assist the younger generation with proper movement mechanics and training protocols that will help them excel in their sport.

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